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Cannes Lions Festival

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How do we help a lion roar louder than the others?

Cannes Lions has always been a popular event, but in recent years, it’s become more popular than ever. Yes, it’s a showcase of some of the world of advertising’s most notable talent, but it’s also an opportunity for agencies to make a name for themselves, to build business relationships and generate leads. GumGum wanted to do just that. They wanted to increase their brand awareness and network with decision makers of brands and agencies that perhaps had not yet heard of the company.

But they weren’t the only ones looking to make waves at Cannes Lions, so how do we help a lion roar louder than the others? How do we catch the attention of executives that are themselves kings of the advertising jungle?


Cannes Lions Festival




Branding / Packaging / Photography / Strategy


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Find all the hidden Easter Eggs and win nothing

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    Size does matter

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    Spell it out for us

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    Now that's a nice logo

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    You already found it if you are reading this

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    Try not to get lost

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    Are we gonna have a problem here?

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    Ok. But at one condition

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    Drop it like it's hot

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    Discover our world

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    Best city ever

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    We need to talk

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    It's to die for

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