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Larry Boone Selection

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How do we brew a brand identity with a unique profile in an overflowing market?

Lawrence Boone Selections discover and import the finest wines, from the most renowned wine regions in the world to the most obscure. The company prides itself on finding vintners who create wines that express not only the terroir, but also embody the vintner’s unique personalities and characteristics too. With a brand identity that pairs perfectly with their fine Mediterranean wines, Lawrence Boone Selections were looking to make American restauranteurs’ mouths water and wine producers’ corks turn.

But how do we brew a brand identity that has character, and sets itself apart from others in the overflowing wine and spirits category? How do we showcase the different notes of each imported wine, and pair them with Lawrence Boone Selections’ own unique profile?


Larry Boone Selection




Branding / Packaging / Photography / Strategy / Web design / Web development


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