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Oct 19


Packaging: An ocean of possibilities.

The main purpose of our work is to create strong impacts by pushing customers into a product experience and answer their needs.

Develop a unique artistic direction is the request of brands we work for, that’s why in each of our projects and study cases we focus on customers and the perception they can have of the product, through the packaging and the elaboration of a concept we want brands identity to be recognizable among the others.
As we know it’s mainly by the visual contact that the seduction effect takes place, if the product and branding stands out from the others consumers will remember and will be able to find it or talk about it easily.

Packaging is an annex of the raw product, both of them have to be linked and complement each other. Based on the current trends and consumers habits it uses to be intuitive and familiar at first glance.

We recently work for the Bijou factory with a unique DIY concept, read our case study to know more about our creation methodology and discover the final creation.


Find all the hidden Easter Eggs and win nothing

  • 01

    Size does matter

  • 02

    Spell it out for us

  • 03

    Now that's a nice logo

  • 04

    You already found it if you are reading this

  • 05

    Try not to get lost

  • 06

    Are we gonna have a problem here?

  • 07

    Ok. But at one condition

  • 08

    Drop it like it's hot

  • 09

    Discover our world

  • 10

    Best city ever

  • 11

    We need to talk

  • 12

    It's to die for

Gotta catch'em all