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You are passionate, curious, creative and ready to step up your game?

From full-time jobs, to freelance gigs and internships, we’re always on the lookout. So if the position you’re looking for isn’t available at the moment, no worries–send us your stuff anyway.

  • Project manager

    We are presently looking for an amazing Project manager. So if you're a team player, who likes to take on new challenges and working on interesting and original projects, apply now!

    Job type Full-time
    Location Old Montreal
    Years of experience At least 3 years
    • To be bilingual (french and english) mandatory
    • At least 3 years in a digital agency in project management
    • Multitask and focused on details, by managing the timelines of several projects at once
    • Take care of the production and delivery of all the files and the customer satisfaction
    • Excellent stress management
    • Excellent organizational and planning skills
    • To be rigorous with every member of the team to ensure the quality and the running of the projects.
    • To be able to work as a team in a dynamic environment.
    • Good knowledge of Office Suite and Adobe. (InDesign an asset)
    • Significant interest in visual and design communications
    • Autonomy, strong team spirit and positive attitude required.
    • Good understanding of the clients' needs and goals.
    • Capacity of establishing production schedules for all team members.
    • Challenging and employee-focused work environment
    • Getting a high quality job in a fast growing company
    • Our superb offices in Old Montreal
    • Ping-pong table, ball machine, etc.
    • Timbits every Wednesday morning
    • Zoo therapy with 1 beautiful Labrador
    • Beer on Friday afternoons
    • And more cool stuff
    • Being polyglot (you should know what that means!)
    • Great Personality and an overall happy human being
    • Master of the Agile method

    Phoenix, The Creative Studio is currently looking for a project manager in its ranks. So if you’re a team player who loves working on original and challenging projects, apply now!

    As a project manager, you will be responsible for managing the team’s production, communicating directly with customers and ensuring that all projects entrusted to you are carried out smoothly. You will work closely with your team in order to guide them and simplify their work as much as possible. To do this, you need to be able to effectively manage client expectations and strengthen established timeframes. It is essential that you are perfectly bilingual (Eng. & Fr.), as our clients come from all over the world. But most importantly, you need to have a positive attitude and a strong desire to surpass yourself!

  • Internship

    We're always on the lookout for some young blood intern to sweep us off our feet. If this is you, apply now!

    Job type Internship
    Location Old Montreal
    • Must be a creative person
    • Passionate and motivated by the web
    • You have studied either in design, development or management.
    • Likes team work
    • Sociable and open to discussion
    • You want to challenge yourself
    • Dynamic and motivated team
    • Beer on Friday afternoons
    • Ping-Pong table
    • Timbits every Wednesday mornings
    • Zootherapy
    • And more cool stuff
    • You can brew your own beer?
    • To be polyglot
  • Front-end Dev

    We are presently looking for a kick-ass Front-End Developer. So if you're a team player, who likes to take on new challenges and working on interesting and originals projects, apply now!

    Job type Fulltime
    Location Old Montreal
    Years of experience Minimum 2 years
    • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design
    • Good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6) and OOP (Object-oriented programming)
    • Ability to work with external JS libraries in an effective way (BarbaJS, jQuery, Lodash and others)
    • Skills with animation libraries (ex: TweenMax)
    • Basic knowledge of the principal “CMS Open Source” like Wordpress
    • Capacity to work with PHP7
    • Experience with versioning tools
    • Basic knowledge of the major creation tools like Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Experience in finding solutions to the major problems between the different browsers
    • Capable of working on multiple projects at the same time
    • Good stress management
    • Good team spirit
    • Dynamic and motivated team
    • Beer on Friday afternoons
    • Ping-Pong table
    • Timbits every Wednesday mornings
    • Zootherapy
    • And more cool stuff
    • Experience with PixiJS / WebGL / Shaders or any rendering framework
    • DevOps skills
    • Good SEO practices
    • Canadian keyboard master
    • Terminal skills and some sysadmin knowledge
    • Any experience with a JS framework is a plus

    You like to stay up to date on all the new trends and languages ​​in web development, and have a very good creative eye? For you, a slight animation on a text or button can make all the difference? You love experimenting with code and have a strong sense of design? You want to bring to life to ideas and push the limits of the web? You are comfortable working independently and working with a team? You like to solve open problems and provide the best user experience possible? When you look at an innovative website, do you immediately need to know how it was built? You are passionate about what you do? And most of all, you want to have fun and be part of a young, stimulating and growing team?

    Then what are you waiting for!? At Phoenix, you will have the opportunity to work on stimulating web projects that will challenge you.


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