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Oct 19


A cabine in the wood and a bunch of crazy people.

It only took one round of “dare or no dare” to loosen up our French interns! BBQ, jacuzzi, molki, fireworks, fishing, pancakes for breakfast and scary stories around the campfire were of course part of the schedule.

For the second weekend of june, the happy go lightly team that we are packed up our bundles and headed to Sainte-Beatrix for a weekend of relaxation(ish) in a beautiful log cabin by the river.



Find all the hidden Easter Eggs and win nothing

  • 01

    Size does matter

  • 02

    Spell it out for us

  • 03

    Now that's a nice logo

  • 04

    You already found it if you are reading this

  • 05

    Try not to get lost

  • 06

    Are we gonna have a problem here?

  • 07

    Ok. But at one condition

  • 08

    Drop it like it's hot

  • 09

    Discover our world

  • 10

    Best city ever

  • 11

    We need to talk

  • 12

    It's to die for

Gotta catch'em all